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First Weekend Overview

It's year two of playing Katya and it feels pretty good character-wise: I put on my fingerless gloves, my makeup, and my punk rock hair and it was just as easy as sticking my nose in the air and saying "baby ice cream". I found what made it so difficult to be Katya at practice though- patrons. Without the patrons there to be confused, exasperated, or downright transfixed it was just impossible to pull off that arrogance that the Vulgarians have. When I'm at practice with my friends and peers, it seems that my natural desire to be agreeable and somewhat polite takes over... except for the belching, that's just in my nature.

Anyhue, bad points:

- My feet are killing me, since I was wearing tights and a pair of Mary Janes. Thankfully this can be fixed by next weekend.
- A few of my beads and stones on my new costume came loose- but again this can be fixed.
- Opening on Saturday was... er... rough... but what can you do? It was our first real run-through with everybody.
- The dust was seriously killing me. When I went to Haleigh's house on Saturday night I was stuffed up and full of grit, something which continues to this morning. Note to self: Pack allergy pills.
- The Vulgarian joust was 15 minutes late due to a program mistake.
- The IAPS is not listed as a guest on the promo flyer for WSE they're passing out.
- No bakery means that about 1/2 of what I eat has been taken away. Last year I more or less subsisted off of their spinach and feta puffs and garlic bread.

Saturday was easily the worst day: everybody was sort of running around flailing, even me. There were barely any patrons to entertain, so there was also a lot of casterbation going on. But it was a first day, and Sunday was an excellent mulligan to it (hey, any day where the cannon fires on cue is a good one).

Good points!:
- Sunday's Vulgarian joust was amazing! After discovering that we don't need no stinking microphones, we got the crowd riled up by having a mass minioning and teaching them chants like "Cheat to Win!" and "Blood Makes the Grass Grow, Kill! Kill! Kill!" We all very much got into it- even the knights. For being Russian (and also quite the looker) Sir Dimitri was chosen by Verneita and I to be the Vulgarian champion... although we aren't particularly loyal to this notion because he typically loses... and our support shifts throughout the joust. The joust is also the perfect time to load up a tray of food, grab a bottle of iced tea, and just take it easy for a bit.
- Holy crap, old minions came back to us and reported for 'duty'. They even remembered their numbers!
- I came up with a few new bits, many including Ross. Since Verneita and Shawn are sometimes preoccupied with either talking to old festies or being achey (OLD!) or sick, Ross and I did quite a bit of streetwork together. Much of it had to do with the master/servant sort of relationship, but I'm encouraging him to come up with new ones that center or are instigated by him.
- People loved my new costume!
- People loved my strawberry scones... I'm planning maybe 3 or 4 batches next week to meet with demand.
- Holy crap people are giving me stuff. It's making me a little uncomfortable, to be honest. Two ladies gave me home-made necklaces (one is red and hematite, the other is black and orange), our fiend Spatula (whose mother owns Dawn's Donuts in Grand Blanc) gave the Vulgarian court donuts (which got her a promotion), and I was given an extra stick of honey glaze at the jerky shop. Seriously, I really feel bad that people are giving me things, particularly since all I'm giving back is... my personality? Looking at me? Giving them membership in a pretty useless club? Ah well.

All right, on to a lazy afternoon. This week I have to go over von Grelle's costumes and pack a bit up for Dragon*Con- as I leave next Wednesday for it. HAIL VULGARIA!


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Aug. 24th, 2010 06:45 am (UTC)
I had every intention of being there! I just, you know, had that whole "across the country" thing get in the way.
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