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The List of Finishing

More for me than anybody:
So I don't go insane, I will bold things as I finish them:

Costume Stuff:
- Sew errant beads on Katya's costume
- Mend tiny tear on doublet

- Mend gapping on collar of the undress coat.
- Sew on ribbon ties for my ruff in my doublet.
- Put the following through the dryer: Von Grelle's overskirt, undress uniform breeches, underskirt
- Sew on new button loop on right undress spat.
- Polish boots
- Make bandolier for assassin costume.
- *Bonus*: Sew new strut pockets on dress uniform gaiters.

Moving stuff:
- Organize sewing room
- Clean room
- Pack up the non-clothes items I need to take- books, art supplies, etc.

Trip stuff:
- Bake like a possessed grandma: 4-5 batches of scones, cookies of some sort (shortbread?), cake of some kind, bacon/cheddar muffins.
- Pack

Money things:
- Finish Lindsay's design commission.

To Buy:
- Baking reagents
- New pendent with which to make more bling for Vonnie
 - Mini marshmallows for blowgun
- (Wednesday)- Go to Trader Joe's for con staples (whoot, noodle bowls and taffy!)


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Aug. 26th, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
*Gives you thumbs up* To do lists for the win!
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