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Dear Roommates

It's great that y'all are getting action (Lord knows someone in this apartment should) but the living room is sort of... well... my room. When I come home from class and basically find a trail of various degrees of getting it on and your DOOR OPEN it's not particularly classy or welcoming. Would it be too much to call? Say: Hey Jen, doing this chick, go down to Sidetrack's and have a beer.

That's perfectly reasonable. Hell, it's downright congenial (gives me an excuse to partake in cider and deep-fried pickles!).

Chris brings home various girls and Robieh has his girlfriend over at least a couple of times a week (she engages me in conversation occasionally too, she's a sweetheart) but for once I wish I could just bring a fella over (not even DO anything) and camp out on the couch naked- only to pull away from snogging to haplessly shrug at the boys and go "What? Is this a problem? Because that's how it feels when you have sex with your door open".

Other than that the boys are pretty good. They respect my belongings and take care of the kitchen and bathroom decently- they knock first when they enter the living room in the morning. Granted, the conditions are less than ideal (WANT SEWING MACHINE), but for the next three weeks, I'll take it.

My classes are thankfully interesting (the exception being math, of course), and the semester bodes well because 3/4 of my instructors are male (for some reason I always do better with male professors)- although I wish Dr. Bartczak would tell us outright what grade we received instead of giving it to us in standard deviation format.

Ev's working on getting my ass to New York City Comic Con. No idea how that's going to work out, but wow.


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Sep. 20th, 2010 08:11 am (UTC)
You know my friends are fairly "open" about our sex lives in numerous ways, but we still close the door when we're shagging. I mean really...it's not much to ask I think.
What ever happened to the ol' "tie on the door" tactic for letting your roomates know that you're hooking up?
Did I just date myself?
But anyway!

I guess the up side is that at least the OTHER parts of your living situation aren't bad. Cuz' college guys can wallow around in some seriously scary living conditions. Hell men in GENERAL can get that way.

So good luck there at least.
Not much longer though I suppose. So where are you going after this?
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